Simplify Your Payments, Boost Your Revenue

Stay Secure Point to Point Encryption, Tokenization, PCI Compliance

Keep your Revenue Interchange Optimization, Surcharging, Custom Pricing

Simplify Payments Cloud Based, Real Time Reporting, Mobile Access

Customer Centric Solutions For Any Payment Environment

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments on any computer anywhere. Set up customer profiles for recurring payments with ease


Give your customers a choice. Accept Credit Cards at $0 cost with a fully compliant surcharging platform


Customize and control each mobile user. Turn any phone or tablet into a robust payment terminal

POS Solutions

Desktop and handlheld state of the art point of sale solutions to help you grow your business

Interchange Optimization

Ensure that your transactions are qualifying at the optimal level with smart gateway technology.


Free hosted payment page and shopping cart. Enable your website with a full suite of payment options.

Focus on your Business while we focus on your payments

Virtual Terminal
Point of Sale

Accept payments on any computer anywhere.

Set up customer profiles for recurring payments with ease.  Reporting accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.  State of the art virtual terminal allows you to turn any computer into a payment terminal.  Tokenized customer profiles, ACH capabilities, recurring payments all within a user friendly interface.

If you need the latest point of sale technology or a simple hand held terminal, we have POS solutions tailored to all of your business needs.

Wide range of POS options that we will help you navigate based on your specific business type.

Download the Mobile app and process seamlessly anywhere on any phone or tablet.

EMV encrypted devices are available for a secure card present mobile environment. Real Time reporting to manage all of your transaction history including individual batch details, voids, refunds, statements and more. Customize and control each employee log in with specific permissions and access.

Free hosted payments page.

Secure checkout.  Shopping cart integration.  Robust online reporting tools at no additional cost to manage all of your online payments. PCI compliant, secure checkout solutions to protect your website and your customer data.

Interchange Optimization

Are your transactions qualifying at the best available interchange rates?

Most devices are not programmed to qualify the transactions properly, which in turns costs you significantly. Transactions qualifying at the optimized interchange rate can be reduced by up to 125 basis points without considerations of the mark up from your processor.

Transactional line item details save you money

Allow Pass Payments to complete a detailed review of your existing transactions to find out if your rates are qualifying at optimal interchange levels.


You Keep 100% of every credit card sale

“Charge $1000, keep $1000” Fully compliant Surcharging Platform

Customer Friendly

“Give your customers' options to avoid paying a surcharge by using cash or debit” Keep your customers happy, while keeping more of your hard earned revenue.


Partner Centric Program

Our premier partner centric program puts you and your members at the center of our focus. Our dedicated industry experts can help your organization’s revenue grow while helping your members increase their bottom line. We have years of industry experience working with organizations such as yours and possess the knowledge to offer custom fit solutions for each business you work with. Our premier partner program gives you access to our world class payment options for your members while providing you with a generous revenue stream from each payment they accept.

Simplify Your Payments
Boost Your Revenue

Interchange Optimization
POS Solutions
Virtual Terminal

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